We take your brand to the next step.

Incorporating strategy, design thinking and visual impact, we lead your company through an in-depth branding process, translating internal cultural perceptions and external communication needs into a brand aligned with your objectives.
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What sets Duck's brands apart?
We don't develop isolated logos, we only work on complete brand projects (strategy + visual identity + materials).

We deliver strategy, identity and materials.

Our methodology involves an extensive and in-depth process of immersion within your company, interviewing various sectors and seeking to identify the perceptions and feelings of all the people who make up your company.

In addition to identifying all these issues, we translate these very intangible feelings into tangible strategies and extremely high-quality visual identities and materials, while aligning them with all the points raised throughout the strategic process.

Co-create to get it right.

We understand that by having a lean team of design and branding specialists, we can deliver much greater dynamics to projects. In this way, we usually act as a support team for Marketing, making decisions together and mobilizing all the effort through the sector so that together we can be more successful in building the project.

Delivery of complete materials and branded digital manuals.

There is no point in creating competent and robust communication guidelines if they are not easily applicable. That's why we've already delivered all the materials ready for you, as well as a complete brand manual that can be accessed via a public, easy-to-navigate link.

// Nosso processo para criação de marcas



It consists of a deep immersion to understand all the points about how your business works. Moreover, in these stages, we count on dynamics and working methods that stimulate you and us in the information that is always valuable for this project.
We like to listen, so whenever possible we will talk to more people from your company or even consumers who have already had some experience with your current brand.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Brand Research and Diagnosis Report;
→ Insights and paths for brand communication guidelines (such as tone of voice, differentiators, attributes, etc.)


With our first step done and presented, we will work on translating all the points we brought up in the research into something more tangible, that is, that we can see and feel.
In this step, we create a Visual Identity proposal based on all the information we have. This identity presents much more than just the logo, but rather takes the opportunity to present the entire visual ecosystem that we create for your brand.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Visual Identity;
→ Visual Identity Ecosystem;


We really prioritize that people understand how the brand was created, so after the visual identity is approved, we will create a manual with the visual guidelines, showing and explaining how to apply them.
In this step we also export all the materials of your visual identity and make them available in a link where you will have access forever with these files.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Delivery of all graphic materials ready for use
→ Development of the Brand Book, which includes the Identity Manual developed;

Projects in various areas.

We specialize in rebranding.
We've worked with different areas and in different contexts on branding projects. The only common requirement is the desire to innovate and the feeling that the brand no longer represents the company. We take special care and deliveries so that these brands have a long life and visual cohesion in their journey.

By default, our manuals and the identity ecosystem we create is all digital, i.e. all the materials collected and created are made available on a website developed in a customized way for your company, where we make this essential information available.
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