Criamos sites que unem estratégia e criatividade

From a unique research and immersion process, we build customized end-to-end Web sites from Webflow.
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Somos parceiros certificados do Webflow, a solução mais moderna para desenvolvimento e gestão de sites no mundo.

Largue de vez as dificuldades que o Wordpress e o Wix lhe causam.
// design to solve problems

What makes Duck's sites different?

Artisanal studio process.

We differ from advertising agencies because we understand that each project is unique and, to be potentiated, requires a complete mobilization of our team. 

We achieve this from a lean and dynamic operation, which can go deeper and reach an unmatched degree of depth and customization.

Research and immersion to get out of the obvious

We do not use templates or ready-made themes, i.e., all solutions made at Duck are custom-built for your needs.

The process of research and immersion promotes a deep reflection in relation to the situation of your current site in order to define paths for the construction of the solution. This is how we get out of the obvious, investigating, listening and acting, without the chains of templates or large volumes of simultaneous projects.

Easy management of your site

Entendemos que a dificuldade para atualizar o conteúdo em seu site não deve existir. A partir do Webflow, descubra novas possibilidades de controle do seu site.

We believe that you should not be completely dependent on third parties to make changes to your site when necessary. That's why, with Webflow, content editing is made absurdly easy. In addition, we provide customized tutorials for each project, teaching and giving your team the independence to change content safely and objectively.

// Etapas do nosso processo de Sites



It consists of a deep immersion to understand several points that will serve as the basis for your site's action plan/strategy.
This immersion is guided by in-depth interviews, quantitative data collection, heuristic analysis, CJM, referential search, and more.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Strategy Report for your project;


The second step of the process is to put into practice all the findings we made in the research report, in order to make the site design from these previous findings.
Here we will actually design your project using tools like Figma, so that we generate a very realistic idea of how all the pages of your site will look.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Browsable prototype of all site pages;


After the design is approved we will program the site in Webflow, in order to make it actually work in a browser on a temporary link.
At this stage we will also implement the CMS for content management, so that you can control the texts and images on your new site, as well as implementing all the animations you have thought of.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ One-link navigable and scheduled site;


Once the project has been finalized and approved, we will deploy the site on your final domain via Webflow.
In the final stage, we will deploy the site on the final domain and record tutorials on how to use the site's administrative system. We also offer support for this post-deployment phase.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Webflow CMS for you to register your content, plus customized tutorials for managing your site.

// Confira alguns projetos que estão no nosso portfólio de sites

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