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Design System
Design System
Design System
Design Systems Specialists
We have extensive experience in building the design system foundation for your system, platform, or application.

We build, organize, and document in a way that ensures your product has a cohesive design experience that doesn't require a major design effort with each new feature.
// design to solve problems

What differentiates Duck's products?

Dedicated design team

We propose to create a solid foundation so that leaner design teams can maintain a high standard of quality. Devs should not be responsible for the look and feel of your product.

We know how difficult it is to hire and retain design teams with extensive experience. Precisely because of this, we have great experience in working directly with internal development teams and making the most complete, organized, and documented hand-over possible.

Design System and documentation

We build screens from components, and this modularization of design ensures scalability and cohesion for your entire digital product experience.

We will give a very solid start to your design system and will be in close contact with your development team to consolidate it from your demands. We deliver ready-made screens as well as documented and tailor-made libraries for you.

Flow Redesign

We rebuild existing flows and features of your product, interpreting data and insights to build new screens.

From our research approach, we can understand more deeply how to redesign new screens for your product, redesigning entire flows and features based on and making decisions from user feedback.

// Nosso processo para construção de produtos digitais



It consists of a deep immersion to understand several points that will serve as the basis for the action plan/strategy for the new screen flow of your digital product.
This immersion is based on in-depth interviews, quantitative data collection, heuristic analysis, CJM, referential search, etc.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Usability and Strategy Report for your project;


The second step of the process is to put into practice all the findings we made in the research report and to design the draft of what the new screens will look like.
From this wireframe we have an idea of which components we need to design and then start building the design system. We will send you together what the ideal flow is before designing.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Low-fidelity prototype of the flow to be redesigned;
→ List of components to be created in the design system;


In this step we execute what was proposed in the Wireframe from the modular design. We separate the components into libraries and create their various states.
In this step we turn the prototype from low fidelity to high fidelity. We also predicted all the possible states of each component (empty, hover, active, etc.) and from these we built in Figma all the screens with their respective interactions.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ High-fidelity prototype of the flow redesigned in Figma;
→ Complete Design System with all its variations and components..;


Finally, we document the entire approved flow and deliver it in a very detailed way to the developers.
By documenting what each component does, we also go over several of Figma's behaviors that should be observed when building screens in the code. This product is at your disposal and we are available to answer any questions you may have.
// Entregas dessa etapa
→ Complete documentation of the Design System and screens in Figma and Zeroheight;
→ Communication channel for any questions;

// Confira alguns projetos que estão no nosso portfólio de produtos digitais

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