Vinho Tinta

Vinho Tinta offers painting experiences for corporate teams, aiming to motivate employees, stimulate creativity and strengthen endomarketing. In addition, the company allows anyone, individually, to get involved in the paintings, providing a moment of connection with themselves through art. Our role in this project was to create the entire e-commerce experience of Vinho Tinta.
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The main objective of the project was to create an e-commerce that was 100% functional, but also represented the essence of Vinho Tinta, highlighting the theme of art and team unity.

Another challenge present in the project was the definition of a cohesive visual system for Vinho Tinta, which until then was not clearly constructed.

We were focused on reaching 2 audiences on the website: the individual customer who buys a painting kit to experience at home, and the B2B customer, who is more focused on setting up a business event where Vinho Tinta brings the painting + wine experience to physical locations.


Through our research and immersion process we were able to create a solid base of information that helped us to elaborate the visual identity guides that would be applied to the website.

Through the Webflow, Shopify and Memberstack tools we created an e-commerce with a unique experience for Vinho Tinta, where the personalized design reflects all the characteristic aspects of the brand and at the same time delivers a great experience for customers.

The application of lines that build with animations along the scrolling of the site make reference to drawing and art, this contributes to create a unique context in the navigation of the site and bring the customer to experience his "artist self" in Vinho Tinta even before buying any product.

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