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The Bitcoin Area is a platform focused on teaching about Bitcoin investment, created by partners Carol and Kaká. The entrepreneurs are already a reference when the subject is bitcoin, so much so that they have appeared in several newspapers, magazines, and portals in Brazil. This project is a new step for them, who increasingly seek to encourage teaching about the digital economy, and our work was to transmit the authority and purpose of the girls for a complete interface.
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There were two very explicit challenges facing the project. The first was institutional, because the communication of the videos and social networks was extremely fun and competent, and we needed to consolidate this on the website as well. The brand has a very clear and strong ideal. The second was to solve a problem that was common to both the partners and the students: Hotmart did not deliver the best solution for either party, and it was hindering the experience of consumption and content creation.


From these feedbacks we built a solution that integrated the institutional part, with a website presenting in a very objective way what the Bitcoin Area is, and at the same time created a platform for students that was completely customized for content consumption. We used 100% Webflow for this solution and developed it end-to-end according to the need that was captured in our studies.

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