A technology company specializing in providing digital solutions for various industries, such as oil, gas and technology. With over 30 years of experience, Spassu needed a fresh visual identity to showcase its modern and innovative approach to digital solutions. Our project aimed to create a new visual identity that would help them stand out in their industry and maintain their reputation for providing high-quality solutions to customers.
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Vinícius Müller
Eduardo Matos
Gabriel Sauer
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Industry 4.0
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Creating a new brand for a company that already has a 30-year track record in the market is a significant challenge. It is necessary to find a balance between preserving the essence of the brand and, at the same time, updating it so that it remains relevant in the coming years. In Spassu's case, we conducted interviews with various sectors of the company to understand each person's perception of the brand and which aspects of the visual identity should be preserved or updated. In addition, we considered the company's current positioning in the technology and innovation market, as well as its vision for the future. This allowed us to create a new brand that would represent Spassu in a more modern and coherent way with the current moment, but still keeping its historical identity and values.


The circles present in the symbol form circular paths that travel in different directions. The construction of this reference in the symbol was based on the concept that the technology created within Spassu can also be interpreted in layers, where each level observed has its rules and complexities, but all levels together form a product, a software, a system that can be seen in a unique way.

For Spassu's internal team to be able to continue creating new visual pieces, we developed a visual system that is easy to understand. Thus, we ensured that the new visual identity of the company would be applied consistently in all points of contact with the public, transmitting confidence and professionalism. The end result was a visual identity that represents Spassu in its current moment and that guarantees a long life in the coming years.

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