EYES is a specialized consultancy located in the Serra Gaúcha region, with over two decades of experience. The company works with a focus on People, Strategy, Creativity and Management. Its aim is to create customized solutions to maximize the results of various businesses. The EYES team also carries out projects to improve the consumer journey for brands, based on their clients' needs.
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Our challenge was to create a brand identity that reflected their specialized and unconventional approach to business solutions.

Eyes wanted to convey the idea of observation, strategy, creativity and convergence of results through its visual identity. In addition, they needed to establish a stronger connection with their prospects and clients through this new identity.


Based on our brand study, we created a mature visual identity consistent with Eyes' slogan: non-obvious solutions. Based on this idea, we developed an abstract symbol that represents an eye from different perspectives. This symbolizes observation, focus and the ability to see things from different angles, relating to their personalized approach to business.

The same is true of the visual elements, which incorporate curved shapes with relief to represent movement and chaos. Straight lines are used to symbolize metrics and strategic analysis. Squared planes with a "+" point represent the idea of convergence of the strategy after the chaos phase. These visual elements convey EYES' holistic approach to creating solutions.

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