Perrón is one more brand of the jeweler Marcelo Santafé, also owner of Saint Vestky. Previously, the products produced for the hipster, conceptual and different pieces-seeking public were mixed in the same brand, Masate, which sold very distinct products under the same name. Given this situation, we identified that the brand could be re-architected into three new brands - each with a specific audience and a different personality.
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Eduardo Matos
Vinícius Müller
Gabriel Sauer
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Porto Alegre/RS
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Understanding the current moment and the public, who already have the culture of investing in accessories, aesthetics and jewelry, we were also able to absorb through market intelligence and some interviews very good insights about how this type of consumer has as preference the consumption of smaller brands, running away from large corporations and the mainstream in general. Focusing on the male public, Perrón uses its very characteristic green tone and its secure and confident communication to distance itself from other brands in the market.


Having all this construction done and approved, we assembled some materials that would serve as the basis for the brand's evolution, with emphasis on images of people using the products within the framework present in the brand. This framework expands and shapes itself according to the application, showing that when a person uses Perrón they fit into all these previously presented values. Finally, we put on the market a young, urgent and conceptual brand that despite being in its initial phase has a huge potential to become one of the main brands within the niche.

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