An extremely innovative project coming from the traditional FCC industry, a materials manufacturer from Vale dos Sinos, needed to have its entire creation made from scratch - from the choice of a name to the conceptualization and its materials, which would be applied to the innovative 3D products the brand would produce. Get to know Lebbre and all the details of its birth!
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Vinícius Müller
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Despite the lack of a defined name or brand-oriented concepts, FCC's project had a very clear purpose and an extremely aligned team, aiming to use 3D technology as an expansion of possibilities for fashion creators. This intention already differentiated the company from the others, which usually only offered the technology as being the most modern or the best, but not worrying about the countless incredible applications that 3D printing makes possible. Precisely from this break, we were able to define Audacity and Boldness as core values of the brand, which serves as a platform for co-creations within fashion.


Having its personality roots formed, we were consequently able to look for metaphors for all the important values that the brand intended to convey. In this, we find in the Hare figure an excellent example - the animal has very interesting characteristics, such as the speed with which it can reposition itself in case a predator spots it, which is a parallel to the dynamism that the company can employ from the flexibility of applications that the 3D material has.

Another characteristic is the freedom of movement that the animal has, having great ease of adaptation with different habitats in nature, which also, metaphorically, means the creative freedom to explore new environments and possibilities with the tranquility of adaptation that the material has.

The name, besides all these characteristics, sounds urgent, fast and quick, endorsing all the other characteristics in the speech itself.

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