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In this project we were responsible for translating the brand concept into a visual identity. One of the biggest challenges was to create a characteristic identity, with the presence of visual elements such as the symbol and the gradient in a neutral way, because the brand should focus on the presented product (in this case, the mockup) and not steal the user's attention with its respective identity.

In the research stage we were very active in collecting all the perspectives of the creator of the collective, Santiago, and materializing this into a cohesive communication. There was one main motivator and one purpose - to channel the passion for design into something that could provide a differentiated curation for other designers within the field.

From this perception, we built from our research methodology a very interesting report investigating different ways to communicate all these values as a brand, and that's when we were able to understand that all this perception had the purpose of being a facilitator, a _collective_ to empower the projects of other designers.

We found in the Alchemist archetype issues very close to what Santiago felt he should communicate with the brand, and we also had good conduction from the selected references, taking inspiration from local references and from the metaphor of alchemy itself to materialize all these concepts, associations and feelings present in the brand.


From these perceptions collected in the research stage, we started the challenge of concretizing these perceptions in visual identity with an interesting question in the brand: we should present all this personality in a neutral way, because it couldn't "steal" the highlight of the materials, mockups, templates and other artifacts to be presented by Alchemia.

It was from there that the choice for neutral gradients and a communication without prominent colors was defined and consolidated a path for the construction of a very interesting symbol.

- The ellipse signifies the beginning, the natural state of things, and can also be a metaphor for the designers' projects before they are potentialized.

- the asterisk shows the transformation (or transmutation if we are talking about alchemy itself), which is the moment when the natural state of things changes: think of it as a peak of creativity or the entrance of a tool or methodology presented by Alchemy itself in a project.

- the hexagon shows the new shape - the ellipse has been transformed into something different and potentiated to a possibility that was not feasible before, changing from its journey.

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