30E is an event production company that revolutionized the Brazilian event market. Being responsible for great successes such as Knotfest, MITA and also the reunion tours of bands like NX Zero and Titãs, they sought Duck to create an institutional site that would show all the differentiation and personality of the company and its products.
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Eduardo Matos
Gabriel Sauer
Vinícius Müller
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São Paulo/SP
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There was a very clear need on the part of 30E: to present itself institutionally in a competent and differentiated way to potential business partners. What was not clear was the path that could be followed for this public to be reached through the website, while the conceptual identity of the brand also needed to be catalyzed.


Besides the functional organization of pages, we had a great focus on the use of animations as a very present communication tool on the site, in order to enchant and bring personality to the presentation.

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