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Quartier Latin is a historic dance school from Santo André/SP and a great national reference in classical ballet, which, with more than 30 years, has consolidated itself from the shows that came out of the mind of its brilliant creator, Marisa Ballarini.
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Eduardo Matos
Gabriel Sauer
Vinícius Müller
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Santo André/SP
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After consolidating in tradition, the school sought to position itself and modernize, offering several other workshops and modalities besides ballet, which consecrated them. Our job was to transfer all this beautiful history and transformation to the Quartier's new website.


We had a lot of creative freedom to explore the artistic beauty of the shows created and presented by the Quartier Latin. We were inspired by the movements, poses and images to make the animations for the site, which were able to aim for a modern, dramatic presentation with a lot of personality.

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